Sunday, 1 April 2012

Monday, 2 April 2012

P. 384


'... let me see
no more contemptible conduct in my house!
I've been awake to it for a long time -- by now
I know what is honorable and what is not.
Before, I was a child. I can endure it

cont. P. 385

while sheep are slaughtered, wine drunk up, and bread --
can one man check the greed of a hundred men? --
but I will suffer no more viciousness.
Granted you mean at last to cut me down:
I welcome that -- better to die than have
humiliation always before my eyes,
the stranger buffeted, and the serving women
dragged about, abused in a noble house.'

P. 411

"Odysseus glowered under his black brows
and said:

'Not for the whole treasure of your fathers,
all you enjoy, lands, flocks, or any gold
put up by others, would I hold my hand...'